The Research Cluster

The research cluster „Money, Finance, Trade and Development“ bundles HTW Berlin’s research activities in the areas money, financial markets, macroeconomics and development economics.

The members of the research cluster work on the role of the financial sector in modern economies, causes and origins of financial crises, on policy options to restore macroeconomic balance in both developed and less developed economies and on the challenges to the world economy through the rise of emerging market economies. Given the diverse backgrounds of the members, these issues are covered from economic, legal and business perspectives. Research is conducted both on OECD countries as well as on emerging market economies.

One of the special strengths of the Competence Centre is the international cooperation with a broad network of partner universities in developing countries and emerging market economies.

With their publications, the members of the research cluster contribute to the global debate about a better regulation of financial markets as well as an improved balance between markets and the public sector in modern economies, with the aim to promote stable and sustainable economic growth.

Within its area of expertise, the research cluster offers third-party funded research as well as research cooperation with external institutions.